About MWCE and our Board of Directors

Our mission is to provide cultural educational experiences for delegates from foreign countries coming to the United States and for United States delegates to have that same opportunity in other countries to foster relationships between people of different countries.

MWCE Board of Directors

Chair/TCs: Maresa Manzione. Maresa has been involved with exchange programs since her youth.  She works with the teen councilors during camp.

Vice Chair/Public Relations: Carri Hunt. Carri has volunteered with another program helping in many different ways for over 20 years and has taken 2 groups of teen delegates to Japan.

Secretary/Placement coordinator: Lisa Kent. Lisa has hosted many exchange delegates and high school students since 2002.  She has volunteered with 2 different exchange programs for the last 10 years.  She was very involved working with all the paperwork for both the host families and the delegates. Lisa is excited to work with MWCE.  You can contact her via email at mwce.lisakent@gmail.com


Operations/Head Chef: Eileen Moss. Eileen has volunteered with a different exchange program for about 15 years. She works hard to make sure the delegates are well fed during the camp experience as well as with other tasks helping camp to run smoothly.  Email her at MWCE.EileenMoss@aol.com

Financial Adviser/Translator: Clay Chugg. Clay has many years being involved with another exchange program and served a Japanese LDS mission.

Our registered address is:

Mountain West Cultural Exchange 

%Lisa Kent

4260 Corinne Cutoff

Corinne, UT 84307

Please feel free to send emails to any of us with questions or


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